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. >> held for years as a prisoner. and what if prosecutors never believed you? >> bobby parker was not the woman she was portraying. >> tonight a mystery with a mind boggling twist. this wife and mom taken hostage. was she really a hostage at all? >> the relationship was not one of kidnapper and victim. it was one of husband and wife. >> his prisoner or his lover? >> i really do love you. it sounds like a heart felt love letter. >> now she breaks her silence to tell her own story. will you believe her? >> i was fighting for my life. >> the devil and bobby parker. welcome to "dateline." i'm lester holt. it is a remarkable case. a mother who was missing for more than ten years as her family waited, wondered and hoped. she had been kidnapped she said but others believe she was captive to something else, her own dangerous emotions. which story will you believe? >> on april 4th, 2005 a texas county sheriff near the louisiana border heard there might be a fugitive in his area. >> i received a telephone call. >> the call led them 65 miles to a run down mobile home on a chicken farm, t
, this is sergeant greg parker, i'm with the strategic response unit. can you identify the gunman? no idea. he came in, went straight for my friend. parker: okay. does he know him? i don't know. he's shouting at him- james: tell me where she is! you gotta get here. oof! oh my god! parker: what's going on? i don't want to hurt you! tell me where she is! come on, david, talk to me. what's happening? tell me now! (fighting grunts) ungh! aghhhh! (gunshot fires) (gunshot fires) eddie... get up! get up! get up now! start walking! david! david! i'm here. don't engage him, please! i just need you to tell me what he is doing? he's taking him outside. he's getting away. all right, we're almost there. you hang tight. (gunshot pops) i heard another shot! david, stay inside! ed: sam, take the entrance on richardson. sam: copy that. he's getting away, i think he's got tobias in the car. what kind of car is it? grey sedan. i can't make out the plate. ends in a one. sixty-one. sam, you get that? (sirens wail) affirmative. we got him. raf: only one person in the car. (tires screech) raf: (over speaker) this is the
be there, this gives you another go at parker. you be sure you don't bungle it this time. shush, i know all about trials... so do you bub. are you talking to the cab driver? keep your eye front, do you want us to get killed. sorry your honor. dear listen to me i was talking to dr higgins he said that. listen rosy i'm handling it my way first comes bentley. then comes that st louie two-faced double-crossin backstabbin. fred! i'll show you a few tricks on how to get smiley, tricks you never even dreamed of. sure sure i go through with the trial in nothin flat and then we shoot out to st louie. what will we do in st louis? not you just us. not me just us? darling you frighten me when you talk like this. this is strictly between me and smiley were going south together. on a vacation? to florida? further south it's a hundred times hotter. boss i tell ya thems his honors own words. and get this he said he's gonna rush through with the trial. then hop quick to st louie and get smiley. that's dangerous talk for a judge and a gubernatorial candidate to make. are you sure you heard right are you posi
recognize me i'm judge parker, i'm running for governor in the next state. there's a political shindig there tonight and i'm making a speech. this is my 'financees' car see and she just let me have it for the emergency. what's her name? barbara foster. that's an interesting set of circumstances a girl by that name phoned the police and reported her car stolen. and the description of the car and the license number was identical with the one you're driving. i'm telling you you are making a mistake. that's what they all say. any how you can explain it down at the station house. follow me. you know this should convince you conclusively that i am the only friend you have. first your best pal smiley double-crosses you and now this girl. it ain't so the cop pulled a boner the girl ain't had nothing to do with it. wishful thinking eddie she knew you were out to kill. which meant you wouldn't be governor and she wanted to be the governor's wife. you're a liar! mankind has been beset by women since adam and barbara is the true offshoot of her grandmother eve. you're batty will you at last come t
of work. one you may not expect. beth parker went back to school with them. >> reporter: next to anonymity building -- an empty building, down an escalator and inside a mall, these people are going to school, dealer's school. >> i am soaked. i can't wait to finish up black jack and roulette. we have our carnivale games, too. >> reporter: in november, maryland voters approved live dealers instead of the electronic kind. they're sponsoring a class on learning how to be a dealer. >> we understand what doing? >> reporter: and prep. >> remember what you see in your schools. >> i that see their future spread out before them. >> i am a people person and i like to work with people. the perfect environment. >> reporter: watching people gamble and having a good time. being in the cubicle and getting people coffee, i guess. >> reporter: with tips, a dealer gets paid $50,000 a year. >> and we're standing in a room with no music, no realplayers playing and no money on the table and had is some dealers traying here. can you hear the hustle and bustle and the chips klacking. the energy is overflowing. >>
. the coroner has identified that man as sean francis parker. investigators told me parker was the suspect in that domestic violence case and that they believe at least some of the blood in the front seat belonged to the woman who was the domestic violence victim. >> we've contacted that person. we don't believe this has anything to do with the prior domestic violence case. >> reporter: investigators here say sean parker who has an extensive criminal history did not commit suicide and they say they have what they told me were some very good leads trying to track down his killer. reporting live in santa rosa, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we are learning more tonight about a police officer killed in the line of duty in the city of galt. authorities say 31-year-old officer kevin tahn responded to a report of a burglary this morning. the suspect fatally shot the officer before killing himself. tahn was a former military police officer. galt is a city of just about 24,000 people 20 mimes south of sacramento. tahn is believed to be the first galt police officer shot and killed in the l
-old charmaine taijeron and matt parker and charles parker and jimmy salgado, the suspect that was killed was 54-year-old robert lyndsay who was a transient, but they all know each other. now according to police, charles parker, delgado and lyndsay broke in, and the survivi survi suspects are being charged with murder because someone was killed while thebu break in was being committed. >>> it's a big heist worth almost a million bucks and tonight the reward is worth $12 million. they are hoping a stolen artifact is going to be returned. the jewelry box was stolen on monday. it's from the gold rush era and shows scenes of early pioneer life here in california. it was not an easy job, there were no details on how to burglar was able to break in and not set autopsy the security system. it's the second time that the museum has been broken into since november. >> you can see the high definition network showing dust falling across the bay area. yes, it's cold outside and about to get more cold. we may see snow as low as 1,000 feet. we are joined now with a lock how cold it will get. we have been talki
been identified as 31-year-old sean francis parker. he was found monday night in the back of a car which stood out because it was illegally parked. police won't say exactly how he died. investigators right now treating this case as a homicide. parker had been wanted for questioning stemming from a domestic violence case with a former girlfriend. a possible link between parker's death and the assault is still being investigated. >>> opening arguments begin for a suspect charged in the deadly south bay shooting rampage. jing wu is facing first degree murder charges for killing three former co-workers at the semi conductor company in santa clara back in 2008. prosecutors allege he shot and killed the company's ceo and two managers just hours after he was fired. wu could face the death penalty if found guilty. >>> also today the man accused of tossing bricks out into a crowd of people in an occupy protest last year will be in court. jesse nesbitt is charged with five felonies including assault with a deadly weapon and assa. t a judge ordering nesbitt to stand trial for those charges. h
-american president >> jon: our guest tonight singer, dancer, actress, new movie is called "parker." >> people tell me i'm sharp, very sharm. people come down here for one reason: money. i don't know what you are into, kidnapping, extortion, robbery but whatever it is, you're gonna get caught. >> take off your clothes. >> what? >> i'm not sure if i'm better off with you alive or dead either way i have to know if you are wearing a wire. >> jon: please welcome jennifer lopez. [cheers and applause] how are you? >> hello! >> jon: welcome. >> thank you. thank you. >> jon: it's nice to see you. >> so do we -- this way, this way? does it matter. >> jon: where you want to look? >> no, i don't know. i feel like this but you're there. >> jon: let me show you what we do. [ laughter ] >> i don't want you to feel ignore. >> jon: i will not feel ignored in anyway. i expect to be ignored by a woman like yourself. >> never that. never that. >> jon: i'm used to this since i was 14. have you ever performed for the president of the united states in your life? >> no, i have not. >> jon: what is the most nerve wracking p
marks the 100th birthday of the legendary media activist everett parker. active for more than six decades, parker is best known for spearheading the challenge to mississippi television station wlbt in the 1960's, which ultimately had its license revoked for attempting to squelch the voices of the civil- rights movement of the time. in a 2008 interview with "democracy now!" everett parker discussed his efforts to monitor racist television networks as founder of the office of communication of the united church of christ. >> i went down and i really looked at stations from new orleans to the east coast, and found it was a very bad situation. earlier teaching at yale, divinity school, i had developed a new way of monitoring television stations. >> reverend everett parker identified the kkk-backed wlbt as a frequent target of public complaints and fcc reprimands regarding its public service. he filed a petition to deny renewal with the fcc, initiating a process that eventually got the station's license revoked by a federal court. happy birthday today to everett parker who is 100 years
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. some are claiming that 6-year-old emilie parker killed in sandy hook didn't actually die. now, as proof, they point to a dress she was wearing in a family photo before the shooting. it's the same dress that emily's little sister wore when president obama met with victim's families. so the people online, these conspiracy theorists are saying that is actually emily on president obama's lap. it is a sickening claim. there is no other word for it. there is another one on another website that they use an interview that noah posner's mother did on this program to make its point. here is some of the interview. watch the conversation i had with her first. >> how are you holding up? >> most of the time, i'm kind of numb. i think about -- i think every mama out there can relate to the fact of how long it takes to create a baby, those nine months that you watch every ultrasound and every heartbeat. it takes nine months to create a human being and it takes seconds for an ar-15 to take that away from the surface of this earth. >> this website says that she appeared way too composed, that she wasn't
by the resident's wife and her boyfriend, 2-year-old matt parker. >> she has been romantically involved with mr. parker for several months now. during that time they have burglarized. >> reporter: charles parker along with 21-year-old jimmy and 54-year-old robert lindsey to rob the husband of his legally grown marijuana and to strong arm him. lindsey was stabbed and killed while struggling with the husband. >> she was separating with her husband. it appears to her her husband was reconsidering moving out of the res debs. she felt this would be a persuasion or a scare tactic. >> reporter: today the old door lock lies next to a pair of children's shoes. the husband and wife's 5 and 8-year-old children were not home at the time of the break-in. >> as they prepared this and talked about it, she gave our suspects keys to the residence, and that is ultimate ly how our suspect gained entry. >> reporter: police are considering the case as a targeted attack which is little comfort to some. >> you know, i'm shocked. i didn't spend the night over here last night. >> reporter: now police say charles parker
talking about pathways that nobody expected. i was born in the chinese hospital; i went to jean parker. at jean parker it was a struggle for me; i realize when i walked in, there are a lot of people that don't really know who i am. bear with me, for other people have heard this and million times. i struggle going to school. i had speech problems; i stuttered. it was really my parents that pushed me, tell me i would be okay. for me to be able to talk to you, and maybe i will stutter but it is a personal achievement for me. my parents are both gone, but they would be proud. if you have seen the king speech, you know what i had to struggle with. (applause) again, i was on the school board for eight years. prior to that i actually work in the community for a long time. served people throughout san francisco i met. i live in district 7 for over 20 years. learn a lot about the schools in the parks there, my two daughters grew up there. it was eye-opening to go knocking on doors. i saw hundreds and hundreds of people who challenged me to deal with the local issues. that is one of the th
say con ease ifed. -- confessed. police arrested the wife and her 22-year-old boyfriend, matt parker, and the two accused accomplices. the boyfriend's 21-year-old brother charles parker and 23-year-old jimmy salgotto, all of pittsburgh. and police say he justifiably killed robert lyndsay. they were not at their apartment tonight and police say they are still interviewing witnesses so we could learn more in the days ahead. reporting live in pittsburgh, alan wopping, ab -- alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. >>> the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco will appear in court tomorrow. police say dexter oliver doused star lamar with gasoline sunday afternoon. tonight lamar's family got support from anti-domestic violence advocates. dozens gathered at glide memorial church for a memorial to bring awareness to domestic violence. abc news spoke to the victim's mother. >> to be face-to-face with him to hear what i want to say to him why he put me through this? why he put her through this, her kids through this? >> oliver is facing charges of attempted murder an
, but he wouldn't. so she enlisted a man she was cheating with, matt parker, his brother charles, and two other men, jimmy and robert to intimidate her husband. >> they plotted a burglary in an effort to scare him and persuade him into leaving the residence. >> reporter: after two weeks of planning, yesterday morning, charles parker, salgaddo, and lindsey used keys she had given them to get into the house. they may have had plans to steal some marijuana the husband was legally growing here. but things quickly went south. when lindsey walked into the home with a fake gun, her husband grabbed a real gun. and he reached for a knife and stabbed lindsey to death. the other two men ran but were arrested later. now all four are charged with murder for plotting a conspiracy that led to lindsey's death. >> reporter: the couple has two children, ages 8 and 5. and they are staying with their father who they have not yet identified. >>> we've all heard of guard dog, but a guard alligator? that's what sheriff's deputies found at a home in castro valley. and it was guarding a drug stash. >> reporter: h
for writers, you would find benchley, parker, fitzgerald, sidney buckman, row by row. so it was much more efficient to say "let fitzgerald do the love scene, let parker do the comedy scene. let buckman make sure it's structured properly." just monkeys on a typewriter. but they were clever monkeys. that's what happened in "casablanca," least, as i understand it. there was this fellow who wrote the play, everybody comes to ricks. then the epstein brothers got involved in rewriting it. then howard koch got involved in rewriting it. and out of this potpourri came this marvelous movie. ♪ you must remember this ♪ a kiss is just a kiss ... ♪ a sigh is just a sigh ♪ (narrator) "casablanca." one of the greatest love stories ever told was made in 1942 in consummate studio style. at least six writers worked on the script. the cast included 34 nationalities. but what truly engaged audiences in "casablanca" was not the dialects, but the way it was directed, lit, photographed, acted and edited. hollywood filmmaking at its height, so effortless, so masterful it's invisible to the audience
. jarrett jack with two of his 20 points. warriors led by one at the half. tony parker takes over. duncan, 24 points and 10 rebounds. then the spurs would take the lead and put the game to bed. parker to a wide open danny green. 95-88 is the final. warriors have now lost 28 straight games in san antonio. >>> the giants avoided arbitration with two of their stars agreeing to one-year deals. buster posey and hunter pence. hunter pence signed a deal worth 13.8 million. >>> finally, this is 21-month- old owen. this is not trick editing. he's sinking his putts left and right. of course, i'm sure we'll see him on the tour in about 15 years. >> that was tiger woods. >>> we'll be right back. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> david letterman is next with kevin bacon. >> speaking of bacon, i was thinking about that guy's recipe with the
with him. but he wouldn't. so she enlisted the man she was cheating with, matt parker, his brother charles, and two other men to intimidate her husband. >> she plotted the burglar with her boyfriend in an either to scare him and persuade him into leaving the residence. >> reporter: after two weeks of planning, yesterday morning, charles parker, salgado and lindsey used the keys to get into the house. they may have had plans to try to steal marijuana the husband was legally growing. but things quickly went south. when lindsey walked into the home with a fake gun, the husband grabbed for a real gun. the other two men ran but were arrested later. now all four suspects are charged with murder for plotting a conspiracy that led to lindsey's death. all four of them behind bars. authorities telling us the husband was not hurt. he has custody of his two children tonight. >> did the investigators talk to you at all about how they broke this thing open to figure out what happened? >> reporter: turned out that a couple of the three people trying to burglariz
, there is a book party in d.c. for a newly published group of authors. all students, as beth parker shows , they have a lot to say. >> hello? my name is daddy on thadeus the fourth, i am commonly referred to as thaddeus and i am, very intellectually gifted. >> they're portraying children. >> and you will be the captain and i -- >> they both professional actors and this is part a program called young play wrights knee iter. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> once a week, the non-profit takes over a student's english class. >> kid of -- kids of all ages write their own plays. >> and it was cool. it was not about the grade. it was more about, you know, having creativity and having fun. >> reporter: young playwright theater was founded in columbia heights 17 years ago and they're now in schools in d.c., maryland, and virginia. in fact, they have ended up with so many great plays that they decided to publish a book. >> and it's not every day that you get to say that you have your plan and don't know who is going to read it. >> reporter: she said there might be a lot of people. they're
the purple and black would win the big game. beth parker has more. >> reporter: on the surface, this man can seem conflicted. on the wall of the northwest office, there is a photo of d.c. next to it, a picture of the umpire state building in his native new york. >> first brooklyn and then queen. >> reporter: he is a new yorker, transplanted to decease -- transplanted to d.c. he grew up a giants fan and when he came here. >> i would go to a few games at the rfk stadium. every time i did, i would try to -- for the redskins and wound up not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: eventually, he rallied around the baltimore ravens and bought season tickets to home games in 1999. >> i would go to the bars and see, you know, the redskins jerseys all over and some other bars in the area. where are the ravens fans? >> i so he started a group in northern virginia. >> we're at 237 members. >> reporter: they are at rock bottom brewery in arlington and say they don't get heckled much. >> i happened to be out yesterday. i was wearing a ravens hat and someone was running by is any gave me a thumbing up. >> reporter: a
's fox 5's beth parker. h p >> reporter: these three guys have stories to tell. they didn't just witness history they were part of it. >> we were there because we had to be there. e there. >> reporter: they joke a lot but this was serious business. in 1949 gray parks and scott shipe were west point cadets. they took a train to union station for president truman's inauguration and marched in the parade. >> it was an honor to be in the parade as far as i was concerned. >> reporter: jim upp was a 16- year-old d.c. boy scout assigned the duty of lining the inaugural parade route. >> you had the best view of the parade as it came by. >> reporter: it is interesting all three of these men who participated in the 1949 inauguration are now neighbors. they all live here at the green spring retirement community in springfield. they all remember it being cold. >> cars were coming by the front of the parade. off went the coach. when they passed off went the salute. it was a three finger salute at that time. it still is. only i can't hold my fingers together anymore. >> reporter: yes, they caught a gl
post's" kathleen parker. nbc's kelly o'donnell and the "national journal," chris frates. first up, hillary clinton gave as good as she got when peppered by challenging questions on benghazi this week. the reviews were she showed the graph tass and confidence, confidence a potential presidential candidate could. not hard to see the outlines. democrats outdid each other in ladding secretary clinton's remarkable four years but republicans seemed eager to rough up the woman some clearly want to keep out of the white house. and this was the exchange. that drew the most attention. between senator clinton, secretary clinton now and senator ron johnson of wisconsin. >> we were misled that there was supposedly protests and something sprang out of that and assaults sprang out of that. >> we had four dead americans because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they would kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? chris: remarkably calm and i would say charming performance by the secretary. but there were moments like that where the
of them are claiming 6-year-old emilie parker didn't die. they're pointing to a dress she was wearing in a shooting. it's the same dress that emily's little sister wore when president obama met with families. these conspiracy theorists are saying that's actually emily on president obama's lap. it's a sick ening claim, obviously, there's no other word for t. there's another one on another website. they use an interview that noah pozner's mother did. here's some of that interview. watch the conversation i had with her first. >> how are you holding up? i mean -- >> most of the time i'm -- i'm kind of numb, you know? i think about -- and i think every mom out there can think about how long it takes to create a baby, those 9 months, that you watch every ultrasound, every heartbeat, and it takes 9 months to kill a human being and it takes seconds for an ar-15 to take that away. >> this says she appeared way too composed, that she wasn't crying, her ice weren't red. that's not how a grieving mother looks, which i've got to say is just among the most ridiculous things i've heard. i've intervi
out they still want more. then later victims victim, survivor, advocate. debra parker will tell you her story and after hearing it someone will have some explain explaining to do. why the congress has not renewed the violence against women act is beyond me.: >> jennifer: we're back inside "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm. we have two big stories coming from our nation's capital. first california senators dianne feinstein. she reintroduced a bill that would ban assault weapons. they authored the original ban which expired in 2004. are a new gallup poll found 06% would vote to strength bans on assault weapons. >> to legally possess a weapon, no weapon is taken from anyone. the purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time. >> jennifer: so her new legislation also includes a ban on magazines with more than ten rounds of ammunition. then in other news from washington the senate failed to reach a deal on reforming the filibuster. these stories might be interchanged at some point because it's the tactic the filibuster is that allows one or more senators to delay or preve
gift learns to play the alto saxophone without having to confront charlie parker. is like having to confront henry james at some point, this guy on the mountaintop and or louis armstrong -- they rewrote the language of that instrument and you have to deal with it. or if you are a hockey player's body work --bobby orr. we always end top stopped talking about musicians. lester young, duke ellington's band, webster l. the saxophone chair into the 30s and 40s and paul gonzalez in the 50s and he was sitting in ben webster's chair. at the inuit, he was playing in the shadow of that man. i mentioned that to say people don't abbreviate howard bloom to say it is all about you have to kill the father. it is not the infinite love in two but those guys don't ever get to voice as explicitly as the writers do. implicitly it really should be our goal to listen to those musicians for what they are saying to each other about each other. charlie parker plays with johnny hodges who was the king of the tenor saxophone before him and i hear nothing but this kind of phrase and thank you. .. it's a sun
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 300 (some duplicates have been removed)